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In recent times due to the increase in the use of the internet and mobile phones, there isa huge increase in online users. This has created many opportunities for earning money online. There are many ways to earn money online. The most famous ways to earn money online are YouTube, Digital marketing, blogging, freelancing, etc.  One of the famous ways to earn money online is by blogging. Many people are earning money from blogging and blogging has become a prominent source of income in 2021. Today I will tell you about blogs. What is a blog? Blogging, what is blogging? How to earn money through blogging?

What is it a blog?

A blog (a simple form of weblog), in simple language, is a website that has content based on the owner’s interest and which is regularly updated. Most people resemble a blog with a  personal diary, but in reality, a blog is very much different from a personal diary. In fact, in a blog, everything you write has to be indexed and should be shown in search engines like google, bing, etc.


Definition of blog

A blog is defined as a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Purpose of blog

The main aim or goal or purpose of the blog is to provide information about queries that people are searching on search engines, whether it is google search engine or bing search engine, or any other search engine. In simple words, the main purpose of the blog is to give information about the topic that you are searching for. As the popularity of the blog increases, the blog becomes one of the most popular ways to earn money online. But, the ultimate purpose of the blog is to provide good content to the people.

Another important aim of creating a blog is to rank your website higher in Search engines. The good quality of content will help you to improve your SERP(Search Engine Ranking Position) i.e. to rank your website higher.

The higher the quality of your blog posts the higher is the chances of getting better rankings in search engines which ultimately leads to more traffic to your blog. The more the traffic of your blog, the more opportunities for generating leads adding call-to-action to your content.

To rank higher in Google SERPs or other search engine rankings, you have to write content that is SEO optimized and in a proper manner. You should do keyword research and in-depth content analysis. By writing an article that is SEO optimized you will easily rank in top positions in Google search rankings.

Nowadays, one of the most popular ways to grow your business is by taking your business from offline to online with the help of making a blog. By making a business blog will give you more customers for your business which in turn generates leads for your business and increases the profit of your business. You can use this traffic for selling your products, upselling your business products, or selling the sponsored products.

Difference between website and blog

Most people don't know the difference between blogs and websites. It's fair enough as there is no significant difference between blog and website.

The major difference between blog and website is Blog has articles on a specific topic or niche whereas website does not have such article, it contains necessary information about an organization or a company

The content of the blog has to be regularly updated and it should be unique and fresh, while the content of the Website does not need to be updated. 

Types of Blog


1) Personal blog

Personal blogs are like a personal diary. It contains information about a specific person, institute, or organization. It has very limited visitors as it contains only personal information. This type of blog is mainly used by an individual to display information about himself or herself.

2) General blog

This type of blog contains information about general topics like news, important dates, announcements, etc. This type of blog has a moderate amount of traffic.


3) Group blog

In this type of blog, the articles are written by many authors. This type of blog is operated by a team or a group of authors. In this type of blog, every author knows a specific topic and they write an article on that topic. Due to the expertise of the author in one topic, this type of blog grows very fast and hasa large number of visitors.

4) Microblog

This type of blog is generally based on one or two specific topics. As this blog is based on a specific topic, this type of blog is good for affiliate marketing and this type of blog also grows faster. This type of blog also hasa large number of visitors.


 5) Affiliate blog

Affiliate blogs are generally based on affiliate marketing. From this blog, you will earn money by selling someone else's product. An affiliate blog does not require a high amount of traffic. To earn through affiliate blogs you need to generate sales or generate leads through your visitors.



Besides this, many other types of blogs also exist.

The basic structure of a blog

The structure of blogs has changed from time to time. The main reason for the time-to-time changes in the structure of blogs is to enhance the appearance of a blog in search engines. The user-friendly structure of blogs makes it easy for users to get the content that they are looking for. A good and well-managed blog structure also helps the search engine crawler to read the content and give its appropriate SERPs in search appearance.

The basic structure of a blog should have the following things:-

1)     Header

This is the uppermost part of your blog. This contains the name or logo or both name and logo of your blog or website. It should be attractive, clear, and eye-catchy as it is the identity of your blog or website.

2)     Menu and navigation bar

The menu and navigation bar or navigation menu is the most important part of a blog. It contains links to the main topics on which the content of your blog is written. This navigation menu helps the visitor to navigate between the different topics of your website.

3)     Main content

This displays the latest post or article of your blog. It may also contain the most popular or highlighted article of your blog post. This section should be very simple as it shows the main content of your blog.

4)     Side menu

The side menu or sidebar contains the tags of your blog posts, most popular blog posts, recent Blog posts, advertisement, or newsletter subscription of your blog. You can also add social buttons for sharing your post on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can also display the other content of your chosen menu or sidebar.

5)     Footer area

This is the bottom part of your blog. You can add here the important pages like privacy policy, disclaimer, DMCA, contact us, etc. These pages are the most important. Without these pages, you can't get google AdSense approval. You can also show some relevant content of your blog in the footer area of your blog.


What is Blogging?

The process of writing and managing a blog is known as blogging. This includescreating a blog, designing a blog, writing content for a blog, optimizing a blog, etc. Hence the process of managing your blog or your site is known as blogging.

Who is a blogger?

The person who runs a blog with his/her skills is known as a blogger. Bloggers are employed through blogging.

The reason behind the popularity of blogging

In recent times the popularity of Blogging has increased manifoldly. The rise in the popularity of Blogging is due to many reasons.

Blogging has become the most popular source of information for search engines. With blogging the search engines get enough content to display as the solution of a query that is asked by a user.

Moreover, blogging provides great information with in-depth content on any topic that seems to be so useful for knowledge seekers. Most of the content on the internet is due to blogging.

Blogging is the best way to interact with the visitor or audience of your business through a website. Visitors' comments or reviews are very helpful for making your website better. Blogging also helps you to keep your client’s or visitors' information up to date.

As the requirements of blogging are less and blogging is less time-consuming it has also become a popular source of employment. Many people choose blogging and their career and generate massive amounts of income regularly.

How to earn money from blogging? Ways to earn money from blogging

There are many ways to earn money from blogging. Today I am going to show you some of the most popular ways to earn money from blogging.

1)     Advertisement

One of the best ways to earn money from blogging is by placing ads in your blog. You have to allocate some space or area of your blog to put ads and you will earn money from it.

The advertisers will pay for the impression of ads(The number of times the ads are seen) or for the number of clicks on ads. Some advertisers pay for both impressions and clicks.

To display ads in your blog you have to join an ad network. One of the most famous ad networks is Google AdSense. Other ad networks are, ezoic, adsterra, etc.

You can also display banners of a particular company or organization in your blog and you can earn money in return. For displaying such banners, you don't need to join an ad network.

2)     Affiliate marketing

Another most famous way to earn money from your blog is affiliate marketing. Before knowing how to earn money from affiliate marketing, you should know what affiliate marketing is. In simple words when you sell a product for a company, the company will give you some sort of commission on that product that you sell and this is known as affiliate marketing.

You can sell products of various companies in your blog and if someone buys a product from your blog then you will get some sort of commission from the company.

Some of the famous affiliate marketing networks are Amazon affiliate network, Flipkart affiliate network, ShareASale affiliate, Clickbank affiliate, and many more. Most of the bloggers earn through affiliate marketing and advertisements.

To earn money through affiliate marketing you don't need a high amount of traffic. You just need an audience that is interested in the product that you are selling. Micro niche blogs are best suitable for affiliate marketing.

3)     By allowing guest posting in your blog

Most people are searching for a blog in which they can publish their article and in return, they get a backlink. You can charge for such a guest post and earn money in return. Flyout is one of the famous platforms for earning through guest posting.

4)     Selling your products

If you have a large number of visitors to your blog, then you can use these visitors to sell your products. This is also one of the famous ways to earn money from blogging.


I hope you have understood what is blog and what is blogging and how to earn money from blogging. Lastly, I will say that blogging is a great field with a lot of opportunities to build your career and earn money through it. But as every business needs hard work, blogging also needs a lot of hard work and patience. Blogging is not a quick rich scheme. You have to be patient and wait for your blog to grow. That's all for this article. Comment down if you have any questions or queries.



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