Online Marketing is a method that uses the internet to promote or transmit a message about a company’s product and services to the potential buyers or target audience


How do a Online Marketing cycle works?



What is a website?


A company must design its website that considers the purpose, products, services, and mission. A website should interesting to view to encourage multiple visits. A website must have the following 7Cs to compete.


·         There are certain parameters based on which the visitors can observe the performance of the website? These parameters are: how user-friendly a website is? And how much attractive it is?

·         A Website’s user-friendliness can be ascertained by landing page, navigation to other pages and downloading capability. On the other hand physical attractiveness is determined by Viewability, readability, and colors used and so forth.



Entails the activities that improve the probability that a particular link will appear in the top among all the non-paid links when the visitor for a particular keyword.




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