Cloud Technology

You know the mankind has achieved its dream just because of the use of updated technology 

Let's try to be updated with this era of digital and make your work more comfortable and effective.

By adding the essence of technology.

In today's article, we are gonna cover the concept of Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is also named Cloud computing which renders the services to its users.

Mostly our view towards Cloud technology is, it basically stores the data, isn't it?

But Cloud technology is even more than storage, it allows its users to get access to the files via PC, Smartphone, etc.

With the help of Cloud technology, you can easily scale up as well as scale down.

Also, Cloud technology offers it, users, to get access to video games, and also can operate photoshop, manage databases and etc.

Let's try to elaborate the concept of Cloud Technology

When you upload any file or any documents on the internet with the help of a PC, Cloud technology offers you to access and operate the same files via your tablet or smartphone.

When you create or save any file or data on your PC then it gets stored on a Hard disk and when you think to transfer it into Pendrive or want to copy it into an external hard disk which seems to be more expensive.

Cloud technology replaces all the expenses, hereby to endeavor the benefits of cloud technology you need a good internet connection.

With a good Internet connection, you can store your data in the form of a video file, audio file, MS Word or PPT file in Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

How Cloud technology works

The companies like Google, Microsoft, etc are based on cloud technology and have added 

A big server includes a lot of hard disks, here one server holds a large amount of data and with the help of a network, you can operate the data from anywhere and anytime.

For eg, with the help of Google drive, you can 

upload the data from your PC and can easily access it from your smartphone as well as from a cyber cafe and can share with friends too.


The term cloud technology has been flourishing in every aspect, as I have mentioned before the most the websites like Facebook, Google, etc are based on cloud technology also the common users opt for cloud technology.

When in case your computer gets damaged and stops working, cool! Need not worry, your data is completely secured here. You just need to know your login details and data backup, with the help of it you can easily operate the file from any device. 

There are four types of cloud technology

  1. Public-cloud 

Any file which is uploaded on the Internet can be easily accessed and downloaded by every one of O.S

For example, the file or pdf on Google can be downloaded by any Google user.

  1. Private cloud

The name itself suggests when you upload the file on Google drive, which can only be accessed by authorized users. It is secured with a user ID and password.

  1. Community cloud

Community clouds give the permission to access the file with limited people. 

Like if you create a website and want to access your website with your partners and employees you may go for the community cloud.

  1. Hybrid cloud.

In a Hybrid cloud, users can use both Public and Private clouds, a collection of two.

Likewise, when you upload files off Facebook to access those files you need a user ID and password, but along with this there are even more files that can be freely downloaded and when the Public and Private cloud works at the same place it is Hybrid cloud.


Technology has made everything so easy that you don't have to be worried more, just update your knowledge in every aspect of technology and promote your work. 

Add your suggestion on the use of technology and its impact on your work.

Stay United 


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